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Cedar River Flood No Match for ImageFIRST Associates

Posted by ImageFIRST on Dec 20, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Two months ago, our associates here at Cedar Rapids did something remarkable, and we are so proud to share their story. In September, our Service Manager, Mike Marion, rose to the occasion when the Cedar River was rapidly rising and community members found themselves in need of serious help.

On September 23rd, heavy rain fell over Cedar Rapids, leading to what would become the second-worst flood in the Cedar River’s recorded history. Seeing that his community was in need, Mike moved quickly to help others. The river would eventually rise to a 10-foot crest above the flood line, and more people and businesses found themselves in danger as the waters grew higher. Fortunately, our facility is far enough away from the river not to have been affected by the floods, but Mike quickly realized that one of our clients wasn’t in as fortunate of a position.

On that Friday, Mike fired up the ImageFIRST Cedar Rapids 26-foot box truck and headed to our client’s facility, a physical therapy practice that relies on our nurse uniforms in Cedar Rapids, IA.  When he and a few other team members arrived, they quickly loaded the truck up with everything in the clinic, and moved the valuable items over to a safe storage facility across town.

Mike was far from done helping flood victims. The next morning, he went back to ImageFIRST Cedar Rapids, and took a smaller vehicle directly into the flood zone to help non-ImageFIRST clients in need. He loaded up his truck for several local businesses who needed to move items out of danger and took their belongings to storage facilities.

On Sunday, Mike went back into action yet again with other ImageFIRST Cedar Rapids associates to aid in setting up sandbags near businesses that were at risk for severe flood damage. One of the places he helped was an establishment that had already experienced devastating damage in the historic 2008 flood.

Mike Marion proved that ImageFIRST is much more than a supplier of laundry services and scrub uniform laundry services near Des Moines, IA. We’re a family of leaders who put our community at the heart of our purpose. We’re lucky to have associates like Mike with us!