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Quality Staff Engagement Is Integral in Providing a Holistic Patient Experience

Posted by ImageFIRST on Sep 26, 2016 9:00:00 AM

We’re inviting you to watch a new video we released on our website—one that sheds light on an integral issue facing healthcare. That is, the impact that staff engagement has on the patients for whom they provide care.

In light of the video, we’re asking you to pose this question to yourself:

Do I know the impact that my staff’s engagement has on our patients?

There’s no denying that healthcare’s focus on patient satisfaction is growing, with health systems of all shapes, forms and sizes finding innovative new ways to emphasize and implement better patient care. While it’s not an easy feat for leadership to hash out strategies for optimizing staff engagement practices, it is crucial that they do just that.

And strategies for how healthcare leaders can upgrade their staff engagement policies is precisely what Martie Moore, R.N., MAOM, CPHQ covers in the new video, which consists of a presentation entitled “Is Anybody Listening? The Cost of Employee Engagement to Patients and Organizations.” The lecture is available for free download here.

Martie Moore is the chief nursing officer of Medline Industries, and with nearly 30 years of clinical and executive leadership experience under her belt, today she devotes herself to creating progressive solutions for all in healthcare.

In order to absorb the big picture of Moore’s strategies for providing better staff engagement, you’ll have to watch the video, but here are a few of the concepts she delves into:

  • Inescapable market forces impacting leader engagement
  • Top engagement drivers for managers and directors
  • Executive opportunities that give them a place to plug in
  • Engagement goals
  • Ideal metrics for determining whether or not employees are engaging with patients effectively
  • And much more!

And these are a few of the highlights from the video that we found to be particularly fascinating:

  • While nurse and staff satisfaction has often been the main area of focus for healthcare facilities, as it turns out, staff engagement actually has a greater impact on patient satisfaction than staff satisfaction does. In other words, happy nurses (some of whom sport our nurse uniforms in Cedar Rapids, IA) are crucial to a facility’s functionality, but a nurse’s happiness doesn’t have a direct impact on a patient’s satisfaction.
  • The things that engage leaders are NOT the same (in many, but not all cases) as the things that engage nurses and staff.
If you’re a leader in the healthcare industry and you want to learn the about Moore’s crucial strategies for optimizing staff engagement with patients, please download the free video. To learn more about how we continuously work to better the industry through our healthcare laundry services in De Moines, IA and across the nation, please follow our Facebook page.