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This Survey Could Change Everything at Your Healthcare Facility

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Dec 28, 2015 11:11:26 AM

Now, more than ever, healthcare providers are focusing on ways to increase patient satisfaction and improve the patient experience. Thanks to the HCAHPS survey and the Affordable Care Act, healthcare consumers have access to more services and the industry as a whole is more transparent. As a result, healthcare facilities have recognized the need to cater to their patients as discerning consumers, and have upped their investments in things that impact the patient experience.

Soon, yet another impetus for focusing on patient experience will arrive at surgery centers. The Outpatient & Ambulatory Surgery CAHPS Survey, approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is designed specifically for outpatient surgery departments based in hospitals as well as ambulatory surgery centers that are free-standing. Participating facilities will need to complete at least 300 surveys next year to gather an accurate picture of the patient care experience and improve their performance while reducing patient suffering.

Clients can participate in the survey as early as January 2016, a course of action recommended by Press Ganey, as clients who start measuring early tend to outperform clients who start surveys during national implementation (the survey will eventually transition to mandated data collection in 2017).

ImageFIRST can have an impact on factors that the survey asks patients to rate, such as cleanliness, their overall rating and their willingness to recommend the facility. When responding to these questions, customers will reflect on their entire experience, including things like their gown, and customers will see that ImageFIRST delivers on its Customer Promise: to be the “cost-effective solution for greater patient satisfaction.”

At ImageFIRST Cedar Rapids, our mission is to be a part of your patient experience solution. Our healthcare expertise, focus on patient comfort with our premium Comfort Care line and the quality assurance and service that we do to lessen the staff’s workload all will play their part in helping our surgery center customers offer an even more remarkable healthcare experience for their patients. And that’s not a speculation: facilities like the Eastside Medical Center, which saw a 500% increase in patient satisfaction after switching to our Comfort Care line, have already testified to the effect that ImageFIRST products (like medical uniforms in Des Moines, IA) have on the patient experience.